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  1. Launch of I.SEA.ID
    JUL 16
    Launch of I.SEA.ID
    We are excited to announce the launch of I.SEA.ID, a platform where underwater photographs and scientific knowledge of marine fauna can be shared for all to see.
  2. Beach Clean Up in Komodo National Park
    NOV 16
    Beach Clean Up in Komodo National Park
    Another great haul today. The I.SEA. crew put another small dent in Indoneisa's big plastic problem.
  3. I.SEA. Hits Thailand
    DEC 16
    I.SEA. Hits Thailand
    We are excited to announce, I.SEA. has just landed in Thailand, where headquarters will be for the next month or so. Watch this space for more news.
  4. Beach Clean Up in Labuan Bajo
    NOV 16
    Beach Clean Up in Labuan Bajo
    Today's clean up went well, with the beach looking a lot better. The I.SEA. crew worked hard, on both their collecting and their tans!
  5. I.SEA. Lands in the UK
    JAN 17
    I.SEA. Lands in the UK
    We have just arrived in the UK to launch our new educational campaign, 'Starting Conversations About Conservation'. Keep an eye out for us in a school or university near you!
  6. Covert Photography
    JAN 17
    Covert Photography
    Lately we have taken to photographing the endangered or vulnerable species we are seeing for sale through Thailand, including a lot of very small sharks and stingrays. We will pass these photos on to our partner organisations.
  7. Research
    DEC 16
    This past month we have been travelling through Thailand gathering information about what marine creatures end up at the fish markets, in the stores and on the plates of tourists.
  8. Tree Planting at Windhill Nature Reserve
    MAR 17
    Tree Planting at Windhill Nature Reserve
    The I.SEA. Team have been getting to work planting trees and bee-friendly plants before summer sweeps over the UK. One oak tree, such as this one Sam's planting, can sequester upwards of 3 tonnes of carbon in a lifetime, helping to reduce climate change and ocean acidification.
  9. Beach Clean Up in the Hebrides!
    FEB 17
    Beach Clean Up in the Hebrides!
    Three cheers for the Muir family for braving the elements and getting involved! Together we removed quite the haul of marine debris from a windswept beach on the Isle of Lewis in the remote Scottish Hebrides. The green fishing tub (featured) has now been up-cycled to grow some veggies! We'll keep you posted!
  10. APR 17
    Launch of #PeaceToTheReef Campaign
    This April we have launched the #PeaceToTheReef campaign to bring attention to the many threats our reefs face worldwide, such as bleaching, harmful fishing practices, pollution, ocean acidification, etc. You can jump onboard and help spread awareness by adding #PeaceToTheReef to your photos from above and below the surface. You may be featured @i.sea.conservation...
  11. Sandford Primary School Visit
    MAY 17
    Sandford Primary School Visit
    This week we visited Sandford Primary School, where we were excited to find a bunch of incredibly engaged, environmentally-minded and inspired kids when we delivered our "Peace to the Reef" talk. The kids learned about coral reefs, why they are so important, why they are under threat, and what we can do to protect them. As part of the session, they built a coral reef ecosystem and brainstormed ways that they can minimise their contribution to climate change!
  12. Plastic Free July
    JUL 17
    Plastic Free July
    Join the surge of people pledging to be plastic free this July. Over 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans annually, where it leeches toxins, kills generations of marine life, and even contaminates our seafood. Don't know where to begin? Try cutting the BIG4 from your day to day life: (1) Plastic bags, (2), Bottled water/ drinks, (3) Plastic Straws, and (4) Disposable cups.
  13. Better Bags Project
    JUN 17
    Better Bags Project
    Production has begun on our lovely recycled fabric carrier bags, which will be the stars of the Better Bags project - an initiative to distribute better, sustainable fabric alternatives to plastic carrier bags. Watch this space as we will be sewing our butts off in order to have our bags available online as soon as possible!
  14. Donation of Alfa Alfa!
    JUL 17
    Donation of Alfa Alfa!
    We were so overjoyed by such a lovely gesture from a stranger. When Darron found out we were in need of a new sewing machine for our Better Bags project, he donated this vintage blue beauty to the cause! We also thought it was very fitting that his daughter's name is Coral - it was meant to be! We've named this beast Alfa Alfa and we'll be putting her straight to work! The world needs more people like you, Darron. Thanks again.
  15. I.SEA. Visits Israel and Egypt
    NOV 17
    I.SEA. Visits Israel and Egypt
    The Red Sea, the Dead Sea, and everything inbetween! I.SEA.'s Jess and Sam had a great month visiting two fascinating but starkly different countries, discussing marine issues and sampling the best diving the Red Sea has to offer!
  16. Getting back to our roots!
    SEP 17
    Getting back to our roots!
    Jess discovers how rewarding it can be to grow your own produce. Despite less than ideal growing conditions on the farm in rural Scotland, we celebrated a successful yield week after week this Summer. Growing your own produce and eating a plant based diet helps the planet, and its oceans, in more ways than you can ever imagine!
  17. White Christmas
    DEC 17
    White Christmas
    We've enjoyed a lovely White Christmas in beautiful Scotland with friends and family! We have exciting plans for the coming year, including expanding I.SEA. to Australia and establishing projects there.
  18. WA Coast Trip
    FEB 18
    WA Coast Trip
    Jess and Sam set off up the WA coastline, Exmouth-bound, in the lovely Kiavana, stopping in at all sorts of beautiful spots along the way. Secret beaches, wild dolphins, turtle graveyards, and stunning gorge walks were just a few of the highlights!
  19. I.SEA. in Exmouth, WA
    MAR 18
    I.SEA. in Exmouth, WA
    I.SEA. have settled into life in Exmouth, WA, where home base will be for at least a little while. This spot has so much to offer - a huge abundance of megafauna, healthy coral reefs right off the beach, and a stunning desert landscape too! Not to mention all the fantastic mermaids and mermen that call this place home!
  20. 2018 Whale Shark Festival
    MAY 18
    2018 Whale Shark Festival
    The annual Whale Shark Festival is underway in Exmouth, attracting hundreds of people from all over Australia and the rest of the world! Sam was honoured to be able to present on the perils of ocean plastics and the consequences for human health if we continue to allow plastic pollution to infest our environments and our lives.
  21. I.SEA. are back in OZ
    JAN 18
    I.SEA. are back in OZ
    Jess and Sam are back in Australia, after almost two years off galavanting (and Sam's already back to playing with snakes!). After flying into Perth, the pari will slowly make their way north on the 1,300km trip to Exmouth, exploring Australia's stunning west coast as they go. They are looking forward to getting settled in Exmouth and getting stuck into some exciting work on the Ningaloo Reef.
  22. Whalesharks of the Ningaloo
    APR 18
    Whalesharks of the Ningaloo
    Life on the doorstep of the Ningaloo Reef is pretty special, with these gentle giants now in the area in great numbers. Jess has been lucky enough to be taking people swimming with these giant spotty sharks, sharing her love for the ocean as well as promoting marine education and awareness! Wooo! #PeaceToTheReef
  23. Ningaloo Microplastics Research
    SEP 18
    Ningaloo Microplastics Research
    I.SEA. has recently begun sampling for microplastics, partnering up with Ocean Eco Adventures and trialling a new method utilising the filters already in water-making plants onboard many boats to capture microplastics.
  24. JUN 18
    I.SEA. becomes an Incorporated Association
    I.SEA. is now an incorporated association, taking it one step closer to becoming a registered charity.
  25. I.SEA. Conservation is a Registered Charity
    JUL 18
    I.SEA. Conservation is a Registered Charity
    I.SEA. is now formally recognised as a registered Australian charity.
  26. Turtle Nesting Season
    DEC 18
    Turtle Nesting Season
    This summer, Jess and Sam will be working for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions as Turtle Eco-Education Officers over the turtle nesting and hatching season. They will be working with visitors to showcase nesting and hatching turtles and promoting turtle conservation.
  27. Sailing Expedition Whitsundays
    NOV 18
    Sailing Expedition Whitsundays
    I.SEA. will spend the next few weeks sailing around the Whitsundays and outer Great Barrier Reef, logging wildlife signings, coral health information, and other significant observations.
  28. Microplastics Research
    Feb 19
    Microplastics Research
    I.SEA. has continued its microplastics research project on the Ningaloo Reef, refining the methods based not he recommendations of professionals int he industry.
  29. Better Bags
    MAR 19
    Better Bags
    Jess has been busy sewing fabric produce bags to be used at Exmouth's very own brand new plastic free speciality store - Ningaloo Bulk Foods! The bags are sewn from pre-loved fabrics and all money made is going back into Microplastics Research on the Ningaloo.