Our Legacy

The world is a changing place and not least in the oceans. Sure, our planet and its environment has been shifting in nature for many millions of years, but never as a result of one species' way of living alone... until now.

There are few places left in the world where one could find a sanctuary, completely uninfluenced by the heavy touch of man. Whether it be by mineral extraction, urban development or species harvesting, from north to south of the equator, the Earth falls heavy victim to humans' insatiable greed.

There is nothing subtle about what we do. There is a hole in our ozone layer that stretches across 17,000,000km2. Sharks, a keystone species in ocean ecosystems, are fished at a rate of nearly 100 million individuals per year. Their fins are a prized resource in the Chinese market, and have created a global industry for shark
finning, depleting populations around the globe and interfering with many delicately balanced ecosystems.

Rainforests across the planet have made and are making way for urban development and agricultural practices, with an area the size of Wales being felled each year in the Amazon Basin alone. Habitat loss and the release of carbon through this practice are accompanied by an array of environmental and social issues associated with the resulting development and agriculture.

Roughly 8 million tonnes of plastic are entering the oceans each year, wreaking havoc amongst marine birds, reptiles, mammals and fish alike. I.SEA. seeks to tackle each of these issues, and many more, through education and awareness programs, targeting both schools and a variety of professional environments.
What will your legacy be?