Make a Change or Two...

And help minimise your contribution to the destruction of our planet.

Slow Down Climate Change

The rapid increase in the Earth’s temperature is causing lots of problems for plants, animals, humans and the environment. To fight this we need to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions.
  1. 1: Plant a Tree
    Trees and plants help to absorb the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. Some good choices include long-lived hardwoods like oak trees. Remember to look into what trees and methods are best for your climate and garden!
  2. 2: Drive Less
    There are many ways to get around that don’t involve driving! Walk, ride your bike or take the bus to where you need to go! Carpooling is also a great way to get around and gives you extra time to spend with your friends and family!
  3. 3: Eat Green
    Animal agriculture is the leading producer of greenhouse emissions. That's right - not cars, not energy production, but animal agriculture. Eat less meat and bulk up on veggies instead and you'll be doing a wonderful thing for your health AND the planet! Whoop whoop!

Save Earth's Natural Resources

As our human population grows, so do our demands on the Earth to help us live with light, water, heat and food! The Earth can only reproduce these things so fast and if we don’t work hard together we could run out!
  1. 1: Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning
    Heating our homes in the winter and cooling them off in the summer takes a lot of energy, which is very hard on planet Earth. Dress for the weather! Instead of turning on the fireplace, put on a sweater or use a blanket to keep warm! Or open your windows to let some air through to cool off in the summer!
  2. 2: Save Electricity
    To help save the environment there are many easy ways to use less electricity. The simplest thing is to remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room! Also, unplugging the toaster or any other small machine after you use it saves a lot of energy through the day. Even if you’re not using it, leaving something plugged in takes up energy from the Earth!
  3. 3: Save Water
    Something as simple as turning off the water while brushing your teeth makes a HUGE difference for Planet Earth. You can also shorten your shower. By just doing those two things you are doing a huge part to save Earth! And make sure to tighten any taps that are dripping water!

Stop Using Plastic!

Plastic wraps, containers and water bottles are polluting our oceans and land and it’s causing harm to humans, animals and plants all around the world!
  1. 1: Get Re-usable Water Bottles For Yourself and Your Family
    There are so many cool water bottles available that you can use over and over again to help reduce plastic pollution. This can be as simple as saving the plastic water bottle from your lunch yesterday, cleaning it and re-using it tomorrow! If you have to get rid of a plastic water bottle, remember to recycle it!
  2. 2: Bring Re-usable Bags To The Grocery Store
    Remind your parents to bring bags from home to the grocery store! You can buy cloth bags from the grocery store or re-use the plastic ones you have at home. Also, when buying fruits and vegetables be careful of using too much plastic – save where you can! Maybe that avocado doesn’t need to go in a plastic bag …
  3. 3: Recycle Any Plastic Bottles and Bags You Have At Home
    Do your part to keep plastic out of the oceans and off of the land by recycling all the plastic in your home!
  4. 4: Bring Homemade Lunches To School
    Instead of bringing plastic-wrapped “lunchables” to school, pack a healthy homemade lunch in a reusable Tupperware container. This keeps that plastic wrap & packaging out of the garbage cans!

Reduce, Re-Use & Recycle!

The human population is growing so fast and so is the amount of things we use and throw away every day! The Earth can’t keep up with all of our garbage, so we have to start thinking of ways to reduce, re-use and recycle what we use.
  1. 1: Create A Recycling Program At Home
    Work together with your family to decide what items can be recycled, such as newspaper, cans, glass and plastic bottles. Look into the recycling rules in your city and keep as much out of your garbage cans as possible! As yourself before you recycle something – can I Re-Use This?
  2. 2: Recycle Old Batteries and Electronics
    Have your parents help you find the place in your neighborhood to recycle your old batteries and electronics that you don’t need anymore (televisions, computers, etc). Do your part to keep these harmful products out of oceans and off of the land!
  3. 3: Start A School/Work Recycling Program
    Talk to the teachers and principle at your school (or your boss at work!) to organize a school recycling program that you can all participate in to save planet Earth!
  4. 4: Start A Compost At Your House
    Ask your parents to help you start a compost system in your backyard for all your fruits and vegetable peelings and scraps. Composting is very good for the land because it is full of nutrients! You can also use the compost to fertilize your own garden!

Respect Planet Earth

Planet Earth gives us everything we need to live a happy, healthy life … but sometimes we don’t know how to say thank you for everything Earth gives us. We need to do what we can to show planet Earth we are grateful for what we have!
  1. 1: Spend Time In Nature
    Instead of watching TV tonight or playing indoors … why not go outside and play? There are many great things that you can do outside like playing a sport, taking your dog for a walk, going to the beach or planning an outdoor game (Waterfight!) with the neighborhood kids. Not only will the Earth love you being outside but you’ll feel great playing out in the fresh air!
  2. 2: Keep Your School and Neighborhood Free of Garbage
    The more we keep our Earth clean the happier it will be. Do your part by making sure you don’t leave your garbage lying around … put it in the recycling or garbage where it belongs. If you want to do a huge thing for Planet Earth plan a garbage pick-up at your school and involve all your family and friends to clean up the area where you play!