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  1. Sam Coe
    Sam is a marine biologist who studied in Scotland and who has experience working on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, on turtle research in Costa Rica, and through Indonesia. Sam has always had an interest in the natural world around him, growing up in Scotland and the Falkland Islands. Sam continues to work towards various marine conservation efforts and is one of the founding trustees of I.SEA. Conservation.
  2. Jessica Strickland
    Jess has a background in marine biology, climate change adaptation and environmental planning. She grew up around Australia and in Papua New Guinea, where she developed her love for the ocean. She has experience doing shark research out of South East Queensland, working on the Great Barrier Reef and the Ningaloo Reef in Australia, as well as in Indonesia. She is passionate about marine education and is also a founding trustee.
  3. Taylor Simpkins
    Taylor is a originally a Californian girl but fell in love with Australia's underwater world and has been living and working in Australia ever since, including on coral conservation on the Great Barrier Reef, and with megafauna on the Ningaloo Reef. She is now undertaking her Masters in Marine Biology at UWA and has been involved with marine plastics research since she was just a young teenager. Taylor's smile is at its biggest when she's surfing waves or diving deep below them with a mask and fins!

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